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If a person wishes to operate, expand or remodel a specific facility, he or she needs to perform an electrical safety inspection prior to requesting approval/registration, reporting (address change) under the relevant law and requesting approval of use according to the Construction Act.



checks whether a facility used by many people is constructed in accordance with the technical standards.


youth training centers, video viewing places, game suppliers, internet computer game suppliers, karaoke, room salons, kindergartens, child care, cultural assets or facilities within that protection area, performance halls, movie theaters, large markets, shops, shopping centers, general hospitals, hotel casinos, international meeting places, lodgings, baths, postnatal care centers, study room, telephone room and video chat room, sleeping room, night club for teenagers, private education center with lodging, private education center with more than 300 students, seniors’ welfare center.


when you want to operate, expand or remodel a facility used by many people.