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Electricity is one of the greatest products of scientific civilization and the most convenient and useful energy source for humans. However, the risk of electrical accidents has the electrical equipments increased with their complexity and diversity as the rapid changing of modern life style.

Since its establishment in 1974, KESCO has led the electrical accident prevention activities involving investigation into, research on, technology development for and promotion of electrical safety as well as inspection and checking of electrical facilities as the electrical safety agency. It is also accelerating the development of the development of new growth engines such as smart grid business, and the cultivation of overseas markets as national disaster control agency.

KESCO is doing its best for customer service management based on its corporate culture with top-notch technologies, advanced equipment, and passion and harmony combined, while is striving to be the world's top electrical safety company with the new visions of 'Leader in Electrical Safety', 'Happy Customers', and 'Exhilarating Workplace'.

As a disaster management agency to protect the life and property of people, we will do our best to advance electrical safety management and expand sharing management in Korea and worldwide.