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Office of Secretary

Office of Public Relations

Director of Planning
Office of Planning and
  • Planning Dept.
  • Performance Management Dept.
  • Budget Dept.
  • InformationSystem Dept
Office of Management
  • General Affairs Dept.
  • Labor and Welfare Dept.
  • Finance Dept.
  • Building Management Dept.
  • Office of Emergency Planning.
Office of Human Resources Development
  • Personal Planning Dept.
  • Personal Management Dept.
Director of Safety
Strategy Headquarters
Office of Safety Management
  • Disaster Safety Dept.
  • Accident Investigation Dept.
Office of Safety Planning
  • New Electrical Safety Service
    Planning Dept.
  • Electrical Accident Reduction Dept.
Director of Future
Technical Headquarters
Office of Technology
  • Business Management Dept.
  • Testing Dept.
  • Technical Diagnosis Dept.
  • Inspection Dept.
  • Instrument Management Dept.
  • South_North Korea Cooperation Team.
Office of Growth Engines
  • International Cooperation Dept.
  • Domestic Business Dept.
  • Overseas Business Dept
Office of Electrical Power
Facility Inspection
  • General Management Dept.
  • Power Plant Pre-use Inspection Dept.
  • Power Plant Regular Inspection Dept.
  • Transmission & Distribution Inspection Dept.
Affiliated Institution
electrical Safety
Research Institute
  • Safety Technical Research Dept
  • Research Planning Dept
  • Safety Certification Center
Electrical Safety Technology
Education Institute
  • Education Assistance Dept
  • Faculty Dept
  • Executive Auditor
    Office of Audit
    • Audit Dept. 1
    • Audit Dept. 2
  • Business Offices
    • 13Regional Head Offices
    • 47Branches