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Commissioning of electrical power systems, including verifying conformity to design drawings, set-up and calibration of all protective devices and testing before initial energizing, is essential to the start up of any electrical system to prevent premature failures and ensure the long-term performance.

KESCO has broad experiences of site commissioning engineers nation and world-wide, including offshore and onshore, and with a wide range of plant and equipment of many different manufacturers.

Major part of Commissioning protection and control relays in power transmission and distribution networks as follows:

  • Distance relay schemes, Fault Locators and Auto-reclose relays
  • Transformer, Motor, Generator, Busbar and Feeder protection
  • Transformer Tap Changing control
  • Synchronising Control
  • Annunciators, Event and Fault Recorders
  • Automatic switching PLCs, power management computers and system instrumentation such as Power, VAr and Power Factor meters
  • Commissioning of generator HV protection and AVR control including automatic synchronisation
  • Commissioning of Circuit Breakers from HV to LV including insulation testing, trip & close, contact bounce and timing tests
  • Voltage and Current Transformer commissioning including primary and secondary injection, magnetisation curves and polarity testing
  • Pressure and Ductor testing of Primary plant including cables, joints, busbars, circuit breakers, generators, and transformers
  • Commissioning Loss of Mains protection for embedded generation
  • Commissioning Pole Slipping protection
  • Quality controlled Commissioning Test Reports for every job, including signed commissioning sheets