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  • Petrochemical Plant
  • Petrochemical Plant

Petrochemical Plant 

Related Accreditation
Related AccreditationCommon Equipments being used
  • Partial Discharge Analyzer
  • SO2 Gas Monitor
  • Circuit Breaker Performance Analyzer
  • DC Hipot Tester

KESA(KESCOElectrical System Auditing) provides competent independent electrical system inspection and consulting services for chemical facilities, petrochemical plants. KESCO services cover the asset lifecycle,from design through maintenance and on to decommissioning The availability of consistent electrical power supply for petrochemical industries is extremely important not only to sustain uninterrupted production but also from the point of view of safety itself. The costs, caused by production losses, due to a partial or a complete shutdown easily run up to millions of dollars per blackout. If a proper load-shedding design is implemented, it is possible to save a plant from such occurrences. A lack of electrical power can be caused by loss of generation capacity or breaking from the public powercompany supply. The load-shedding scheme ensures the availability of electrical power to all essential and most critical loads in the plant. Thus the intelligent management of electrical power requires the experienced electric power system audit to be ensured. Within any constraints the plant is subject to, design considerations are optimized for good economic performance while ensuring the HSE regulations.