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  • Gas and Oil Plants

Gas and Oil Plants

Related Accreditation
Related AccreditationCommon Equipments being used
  • Motor Fine Analyzer
  • Portable UHF PD Monitor
  • Sweep Frequency Response Analyzer
  • VCB Vacuum Valce Tester

Electric power systems within the oil, gas, petrochemical and offshore industries have significantly different characteristics to a typical power utility and associated consumers of electricity. KESA provides an excellent balance between basic applicable mathematical theory and practical know-how which is so essential in ensuring reliability and safety of electric power system.

Electricity constitutes one of the major sources of ignition involving fire accidents and explosions in the petroleum industry, which carries hazardous operations and materials. As per the statistics available, 30% of the total accidents in petroleum industry caused due to electrical problems. The damages due to electrical hazards vary from minor electrical shock, equipment loss to fatal accidents, which causes huge loss to both plant and human beings.