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  • Automotive plants

Automotive plants

Related Accreditation
Related AccreditationCommon Equipments being used
  • Infrared Thermographic Camera
  • Power Quality Analyzer
  • Partial Discharge Analyzer
  • Earth Ground Tester

Compliance electricity is important for maximum productivity and efficiency in automotive plants.

Recognizing the importance of electrical safety in preventing serious workplace accidents is also important elements.

Particularly proven surge protection has to be maintained to ensure effective way to keep the productivity and efficiency. Surge protecting an automotive plant has to be put forth specific electrical standards.

As electrical safety concerns,  An arc flash is an electrical short circuit that flashes from one live exposed conductor, in an arc, to another (or the ground). As a result, the overhead air in the arc space becomes ionized and electrically charged, achieving temperatures over 5000°F. At such high temperatures, a blast (or explosion) can occur in less than a second, releasing intense heat and pressure that obviously claims employee health and safety.