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New town / Industial complex & Buildings

Related Accreditation
Related AccreditationCommon Equipments being used
  • Digital Multimeter
  • Harmonic Analysis System
  • Circuit Breaker Performance Analyzer
  • Current Transformer Tester

KESCO has previously engaged in 57 new town projects in Korea.

The scope is has continuously broadened to form the power grid for each households or buildings/facilities.

KESCO is involved in all areas ranging from the design stages of the project to the completion steps in order to ensure the conformity of electricity supply.

Also, with a team of highly skilled experts, we inspect materials, individual components and equipment while completing installations as well as assessing our suppliers.

The outcome of our service gives our clients confidence that the equipment will perform as expected in compliance with all national and international standards.

Working with KESCO assures the quality of materials, components, equipment, and installations. The work outcome meets full satisfaction of all stakeholders proven by our diverse resume, both locally and globally

We have been providing inspection services for more than 40 years and have worked with more than 50 project, confirming KESCO’s competence and work ethic, which enables us to proudly call KESCO a global inspection, verification, testing, certification and classification corporation

Our global second-party inspections provide you with the assurance that your vendors and manufactured products meet your requirements and when necessary, regulatory codes. We work alongside you providing impartial independent inspection services.

For stakeholders, we assure the safety and reliability of our service regarding your assets including installation and dealing with materials. We provide independent and impartial third-party certification services to all construction industries in nation.

Your stakeholders can be assured that as your assets meet the specified requirements, the potential risk for the safety of your personnel is mitigated.

What are the benefits of choosing KESCO?

Clients benefit from our technical expertise, knowledge, experience, and our independence.  With no institutional or private shareholders, we are able to make technical decisions without the interference of commercial and political pressure, business plans, allowing us to consistently provide electrical solutions to customers and communities safely, reliably, and responsibly.

  • Electrical systems to be commissioned include the following:
  • Secondary Service Electrical Systems.
  • Motor Control Centers.
  • Distribution and Branch Circuit Panelboards.
  • Lighting Fixtures and Controls.
  • Lightning Protection Equipment and Lightning Protection Systems.
  • AC Motors.
  • Grounding Equipment and Building Grounding System.
  • Emergency Generators and Distribution System.
  • Uninterruptible Power Systems

Electrical Testing & Commissioning

KESCO can carry out inspections in order to verify that the installation complies with the design drawings, the specification and the relevant local and international requirements. All test activities will be recorded on our acceptance sheets and can be witnessed by the accepting authority. This information is invaluable and will ensure that all your systems are fit for purpose and safe. 

KESCO offers a unique service as a part of our electrical commissioning whereby we use a Thermal Imaging Device as part of our test equipment when proving and witnessing electrical systems. The following systems are generally independently tested under the electrical commissioning package:

Building Pre-Commissioning&Commissioning

Building Pre-Commissioning&Commissionin
DeviceWork of Scope
Protection Relay Secondary Injection Test, Setting Value Check & Programming etc.
Meter Meter Check & Test etc.
Current Transformer Primary Injection Test, Ratio & Polarity & Excitation Curve Test etc.
Voltage Transformer Ratio & Polarity Test, Phase and Magnitude Error, Secondary Burden Test
Switch Gear Wiring Check, Inter-locking Check, Bus-bar Low Resistance Measurements
Power Cable Partial Discharge Test, DC/AC Insulation Test etc.

Power System Auditing Area being used EDSA,CYME and ETAP software as follows;

  • Power System Analysis
  • Calculation of short-circuit current
  • Check the protective coordination
  • Check for optimum CT
  • Check earth protective system
  • Calculation of the power flow
  • Check for earth equipment such as GPT, CLR
  • Calculation of voltage drop when the motor’s starting