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Upon the request of a customer, we verify the operational and maintenance condition of electrical facilities and their compliance with the technical standard. Also, we use excellent technological power and advanced measurement instruments for effective maintenance and management and prevention of electrical disasters, and when contracted to do so, we perform monthly electrical safety inspections on small-scale electrical facilities..

General contract inspections


performs monthly inspection on electrical facilities used by an owner or occupant, so that they can be safely maintained and operated.


  • Schools and small buildings with voltage less than 600V and capacity less than 75kW.
  • Late night power facility or manufacturing facility with voltage less than 600V and capacity less than 100kW.
  • Performance halls, entertainment spots, large shops, hospitals and hotels with voltage less than 600V and capacity less than 20kW.

Advantages of contract inspections:

  • Emergency aid in the event of trouble with electrical facilities.
  • Periodic (monthly) safety inspection to prevent accidents.
  • Instruction on how to ensure electrical safety and save electricity.

Department contact:

Inspection Department 02-440-2142

Safety inspection on electrical facilities


Using excellent technological power and advanced measurement instruments, the operational and maintenance condition of electrical facilities and adequacy of the construction works is checked, so that customers can be provided with the data necessary to prevent electrical accidents and to effectively operate the facilities.


  • General safety inspection
    - General electrical facilities for houses and shops with electrical capacity less than 75kW.
  • Household safety inspection
    - Household electrical facilities for factories and buildings with electrical capacity greater than 75kW.

Advantages of safety inspection:

  • Power quality analysis and electricity use diagnosis.
  • Checks whether the main electrical facilities generate abnormal heat.
  • Self operation tests of circuit breaker and meters and interconnection tests with circuit breakers.
  • Bus bar, device contacts and electrical facility insulation thermalization measurement.
  • Electrical wiring, electrical device insulation resistance and ground resistance measurement.
  • Checks compliance with the electrical facility technical standards.

Department contact: Inspection Department:

technology diagnosis 02-440-2462, inspection 02-440-2142

Engineering business for electrical facilities

Main business :

  • Using advanced equipment, check the safety of electrical facilities and instruct technical support.
  • Electrical facility design and audit to eliminate the cause of defects since the phases of planning and installation.
  • Advanced PC S/W used to analyze an electrical power system from multiple perspectives.
  • Safety inspection and consulting on products exported to the USA and the EU.
  • Support for overseas specs/certificates acquisition (SMBA overseas specs/certificate acquisition support organization)

Registration status :

Subject of engineering activities Electrical safety, construction electrical facility,
transmission and distribution.
Ministry of Science
and Technology
Design business Special type 1 Seoul Seoul E-2-036
Audit business Comprehensive Seoul Seoul S-1-063
Design audits Electrical design Seoul Seoul ES-051

Business related technology partnerships :

  • Signed technology partnership agreement with TUV Rheinland, Germany (1996)
  • Exchanged technology partnership MOU with UL, USA (1997)
  • Signed MOU for overseas certification tests with TUV Rheinland, Germany (1998)
  • Signed safety certification business MOU with TUV Product Service, Germany (2002)

Main business accomplishments :

  • Safety inspection: Seoul subway construction
  • System analysis: Namhae Chemical
  • Design/audit: KEPCO’s interruption-free power supply system design
  • Overseas certification mark test and consulting: CE, UL, CCC, VDE, TUV, GS marks

Main business progress :

  • Acquired ISO9001 certificate for the engineering business
  • Approved as a national public testing organization by the safety certificate center (KOLAS)
  • Approved as a public test organization (CBTL) by the IELEE
  • Made efforts to implement the product certificate organization (KAS) system