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ClassificationDetailed categoriesKorean industrial classifications
22 Rubber and plastic products 222 Plastic products manufacturing 2221 1st plastic products
241 Car metal products 242 1st non steel manufacturing 2421 Non-steel smelting, refining and alloy
25 Metal processing products 259 Manufacturing of other metal
processing products
2591 Metal casting, pressing and powder metallurgy
2592 Metal thermal processing, coating and other metal processing
26 Electric parts, PC, video,
audio and communication
263 PC and peripherals manufacturing 2631 PC devices
2632 Memory and peripherals
264 Communication and broadcasting
device manufacturing
2641 Wired communication device
2642 Broadcasting and wireless communication devices
265 Video and audio device
2651 TV video and other video devices
2652 Audio speaker and other audio devices
27 Medical, high precision,
optical and clocks
271 Medical device manufacturing 2711 Nuclear radiation devices and electrical diagnosis devices
2719 Other medical instruments
272 Measurement, testing, navigation, control
and other precision device manufacturing
2721 Measurement, testing, navigation,
control and other precision devices
28 Electrical equipment 281 Motor, power generator and electricity
converters manufacturing
2811 Motor, power generator, and electrical converters
2812 Electricity supply and electrical controller
283 Insulation wire and cable manufacturing 2830 Insulation wire and cable
284 Bulb and lamp device manufacturing 2842 Lamp devices
285 Household device manufacturing 2851 Household electrical devices
289 Other electrical equipment manufacturing 2890 Other electrical facilities
29 Other machines and equipment 291 General purpose machine manufacturing 2918 Office machines and equipment