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Basic principles

Criteria and guidelinesApplied specs
Electrical facility technology standard
(posted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
International standard: IEC
Household electrical facility inspection business processing rules
(posted by the Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
National standard: KS, JIS, ANSI and etc.
Inspection and testing business processing methods (KESCO) Group standard: KEMC, IEEE, JEC, UL and etc.
Internal wires rules (KEA) Company standard: ES, PS and etc.

Product evaluation criteria

Product evaluation criteria and certification business guides :

  • Determine necessary items for certification and have them reviewed by the evaluation committee
    (detailed evaluation criteria for each product subject to certification, sample collection, test pass levels)
  • Product evaluation criteria enactment: ultra high voltage power distribution/receiving panel, low voltage power
    distribution panel, relays, MCCB, ELB, street lamps boxes (refer to the posting at the information center)