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Product safety certificate quotes (Corporation). Request for product safety certificates (customer). Documents needed for issuing a product safety certificate. 1. Application and signature by the CEO 2. Business registration 3. Product details and user manual 4. Product assembly/wiring/circuit diagrams 5. Copy of agreement to comply with the rules of the certification authority entered between an applicant and the maker (if applicable). Enactment and revision of the product evaluation criteria. Review by the evaluation committee. Enactment and revision of the product evaluation criteria. If necessary. Initial certificate agreement. Request technical reviews. Technology standard department. No. End. Notice of evaluation plans. Product reviews and quality inspection. Documents needed for product reviews. 1. Main parts and material certificates. 2. Main parts public certificates. 3. Description of differences between two or more models. Documents needed for product reviews. 1. Manual/guides/procedures. 2. Manufacturing and inspection facilities list. 3. Manufacturer’s quality document if the certificate owner is not the manufacturer. No. Corrections. Review by the committee. Technology standard department, inspection department, technology diagnosis department, inspection department, disaster safety department. No. Discussing and resolving the issues. Evaluation. Check the reviews. Sign an agreement. Issue certificates. Posting.