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To train manpower suitable for the age of advanced IT and foster their ability to safely manage increasingly advanced electrical facilities, we are using advanced, cutting-edge education facilities and providing electrical safety expert training that is strongly rooted in both theory and practice.

Education program

Content :

The only electrical safety management education organization in Korea. Covers both practice and theory to improve the ability of learners to manage electrical facilities.

Characteristics :

  • Equipped with various testing facilities that are the same as the electrical facilities used on site. Education is strongly rooted in both theory and practice, for maximum effectiveness.
  • Each curriculum is designated by the Ministry of Labor as education to improve vocational abilities. This means that learners can be reimbursed part of their tuition fees by the government.
  • If a government official attends this program, they can get additional points for the training program from the Ministry of Public Administration and Security.

Areas :

Power receiving/distribution system practical study and lessons from experts, practical study of electrical facility fundamentals, protection system practices, digital protection system, sequence control practices, grounding and lightening surge system, interruption-free power system inspection harmonics, lessons from experts in electrical shock and fire, lessons from experts in transformer and breaker, power generator and solar energy, malfunction calculation and protection cooperation, academic-industrial cooperation, industrial cooperation.

Main training facilities

Practice facilities :

  • Power system simulator
  • Outdoor power receiving facility
  • H-type power receiving facility
  • Intelligent power distribution/receiving facility
  • Sequence control practice facility
  • Overcurrent meter practice facility
  • Differential relay system practice facility
  • Digital system practice facility
  • Power protection circuit practice facility
  • Grounding protection practice facility
  • Leakage breaker malfunction practice facility
  • Outdoor wiring practice facility
  • Transformer practice facility
  • Potential transformer practice facility
  • Breaker practice facility
  • Power generator practice facility
  • Electric machine structure practice facility
  • Training PLC / PC
  • Power system interpretation program
  • Harmonics practice facility
  • Solar energy power generation practice facility

Training equipment :

  • High current supply
  • Digital single phase relay tester
  • SPD tester
  • Power quality analyzer
  • Digital three phase relay tester
  • Partial discharge diagnosis tester
  • Motor circuit analyzer
  • Ground resistance tester